Outside in

Through the adoption of "Outside In" process and method, Executive Change works with its clients to condense the time taken to progress the journey towards measureable and business value led relationships with Executive Decision Makers within their customers. Our aim is to accelerate the rate in which they achieve: 

  • Margin protection and maximisation
  • Insight into the changing management agendae of their clients
  • Pipeline management and forecast reliability
  • Resource efficiencies and skills maximisation

All of which are directly influenced by the level of contact achieved within the client. For example:

  • Transactional  sales sold at a technical and middle management level generate point revenues that are highly susceptible to competitive threat and margin pressure, and by definition need to be sold afresh each time making them unpredictable and inefficient by nature - particularly in a recurring revenue world.
  • Buyer side, solution led sales directed at the strategies of Senior Executives / CIOs generate predictable revenues that are almost immune to competitive pressure, where margins are most likely to be protected, and where the engagement by definition results in high resource efficiencies over protracted budget cycles.